Every country has its own funeral traditions. In the Netherlands, these traditions have changed enormously over the years because of secularisation and individualisation. In this country, you can choose what kind of funeral you would like to have. You can choose a modest farewell ceremony, or an exuberant celebration of the life of the deceased. The type of funeral usually depends on time and budget.
For those that are unfamiliar with the Dutch funeral culture, but have to fulfil the sad task of organising a last farewell, I can guide you through the process. I can explain all the options and the steps that need to be taken. This will help you make a conscious choice of how to say goodbye to your loved one.
You can also contact me ahead of a bereavement, for example if you know that your life or the life of someone dear to you will end in the near future. It will give you and your loved ones peace and quiet to think about the funeral and to discuss how you would like it to be. Getting to know the funeral director in advance and discussing the funeral will give you peace of mind knowing that it will be exactly how you wanted it to be. As family members share special and intense moments with their funeral director, it is important that we have a click. I would like to invite you to contact me so that you can decide for yourself if I am the right funeral director for you. You can discuss your preferences in person with me during an initial meeting. This first meeting is free of charge.
Warm regards,
Evelien de Ruiter
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